It is a no-go to call your products "green" or "sustainable". But then what to do, if you want to tell stakeholders about your sustainability efforts? 

It is crucial to ensure documentation for the claims you make about both environmental and social sustainability. 

"Communicating sustainability can be complex. There are both legal and ethical rules to follow. Therefore it is valuable to be a part of a confidential space, where we can share challenges, experiences and knowledge. I always take away new learnings from the meetings."

Mette E Thygesen, Brand Manager at ALPI  |  Participant in the "Sustainability and communication" working group

In the "Sustainability and communication" working group we share knowledge and experiences, identify riscs and opportunities in a confidential space - with inspiration from skilled experts.

Who is in the working group?

The working group currently consists of participants from these organizations: 


The working group has around four annual meetings. The meetings are either located at Bæredygtig Herning or at the participating companies. 

A meeting is usually 2-3 hours and different topics related to communicating sustainability are discussed. There is plenty of time for sharing knowledge and experiences among the participants. 

Do you want more information about the working group? Then please get in touch with Morten Rønde Rasmussen, Relations Manager at Bæredygtig Herning via the contact info below. 


Bæredygtig Herning



Morten Rønde Rasmussen, Relations Manager

+45 2981 1254

Subject Area: Sustainability and communication