United in Change

Entrepreneurship and energy have always gone hand in hand in Herning. Here is no exception. We believe that sustainable local change, success, and growth are driven by entrepreneurial spirit and fortitude. We want to build sustainable business acumen that reverberate all over Denmark – and even further!

Herning is united in change

The transition to a more sustainable society starts with organisations and businesses. Herning is in a unique position to unite sustainability and business. The city, once a barren Nordic prairie, was tamed by the plough and the loom. Courage, determination and grit are a part of our DNA and a natural resource for our city. We believe that sustainable change should be driven by entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.

Woven of will and courage

Bæredygtig Herning is a non-profit association that supports sustainable development through partnerships and networking. The path from big dreams to business has been walked many times in Herning. We have the will and courage to do it again, this time with sustainability as our guiding light.

For sustainable business

Bæredygtig Herning aims to take advantage of Herning’s knowledge, courage, and strength of will to promote sustainable business acumen in ways that reverberate across Denmark. We believe that sustainable local change, success and growth must be driven by entrepreneurship and perseverance.

Driven by community

We are community-driven and together we work towards Herning’s sustainable development. Our members contribute actively to our mission with their knowledge, vision and hands-on efforts.

We are a platform that works for Herning and to develop sustainable life and business.

The Team

At the core of Bæredygtig Herning lies a passion to create sustainable results and transitions based on our core values. With friendly determination, knowledge and courage, we push forward toward a more sustainable Herning.

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Our Board of Directors

Svend Aage Færch Nielsen


Dorte West


René Foli


Mogens Jeppesen

The Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council is an advisory board to the Board of Directors and association management. The Council consists of a group of ambassadors that work with Bæredygtig Herning to raise the bar for Herning’s sustainability ambitions.

Members of the advisory board

Susanne "Sussi" Hørup


Allan Kortnum

Herningsholm Erhvervsskole

Anna-Gro Kudsk Graubæk

Studerende, EAMV

Bjørn Østergaard


Carsten Thor

Thors Design

Christian Hostrup

Blue Fox

Dorte West


Jesper Nørgaard

Galleri Nørgaard

Kirsten Secher Villumsen


Kristina Taaning

Deep Forest Art Land - Skovsnogen

Kristine Holm-Jensen

Museum Midtjylland

Lone Ditmer

Dansk Wilton

Maria Eg Rahbek

Studerende, Erhvervsakademi Aarhus

Martin Borum Pedersen

Selvstændig / Independent

Martin Stokholm

ES Stålindustri

Mette Gottlieb

Visit Herning

Mette Thygesen


Michael Thomsen


Niels Møller

Herning Vand

Rasmus Norup

Erhvervsrådet Herning & Ikast-Brande

Rikke Ramm Eberlein

Selvstændig / Independent

Sven Agergaard

Landmand, Sagro

Thomas Klausen

Dansk Mode og Textil

Thue Jensen


A visionary decision

In Herning Municipality's budget agreement for 2019, it was stated that the municipality would intensify their focus on the SDG's. This led to the association Bæredygtig Herning being established with the founding general assembly in August 2020.

The intention with the foundation of the association, as a member organization, was and is to establish a strong forum for sustainable growth and development through partnerships between the municipality's various actors. Bringing the 17 SDG's and sustainability to the core and hearts of Herning.