Make more room for nature. The biodiversity crisis in Denmark has the effect that more and more species of plants and animals are red-listed - and in the worst cases become extinct. Therefore we work with a number of selected ambassadors around ensuring room for nature. We do this through projects and efforts that among other things contribute to ESG reporting. 

With a group of local key stakeholders and experts we try to find areas in Herning where we create better living environments for animals and plants. And at the same time we explore wheather the initiatives provide a saving for the companies within a couple of years. 

"It is extremely important that we find solutions to increase biodiversity. I believe that an educational institution like EAMV has a role to play, but we need more knowledge. It is very meaningful for us to be a part of the working group on biodiversity in order to develop joint local initiatives that make room for nature in Herning."

Susanne Hørup, project employee, EAMV  |  Participant in the working group on biodiversity

Do you want more information about the working group? Then please get in touch with Morten Rønde Rasmussen, Relations Manager at Bæredygtig Herning via the contact info below. 


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Subject Area: Biodiversity