Thea Lyng Thomsen

Direktør / CEO

tt@baeredygtigherning.dk +45 2716 9564
Thea is committed to building placed based strategic environments with a goal of ensuring sustainable solutions and impact. She has previously established similar platforms for collaboration with a focus on business development, e.g. the GreenLab industrial park. Thea believes in intention, trust and building business to secure sustainable change. She has an education in literature and reads a least one BIG novel a year.

Bert Meijers

Programme Manager

bm@baeredygtigherning.dk +45 9155 9904
Bert works with program and business development. He is passionate about interdisciplinary work when it comes to sustainability. And he is passionate about pancakes. Bert is originally from Holland and was educated in Denmark as a KaosPilot. He has worked with impact investing in co-working environments in San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Berlin and he has broad experience in business development and facilitating innovation processes.

Morten Rønde Rasmussen

Project Manager

mr@baeredygtigherning.dk +45 2981 1254
Morten has a master’s degree in applied philosophy and experience as a process and sustainability consultant. He runs projects and partnerships with a sharp focus on relations and results. He is focused on the concepts of meaningful work, circular economy models and systemic thinking. He holds a certificate in business coaching and is educated as a project manager from Cambridge Judge Busines School. And Morten is always at the center of the action at the co-work parties.

Dorte Christensen

Office employee

dc@baeredygtigherning.dk +45 2981 1252
Dorte’s creativity is everywhere at our co-work space. It can be seen in our interiors, our gifts, our events and just about everything else. Her work is intentional and filled with heart and, often, a good portion of stubbornness- especially when it comes to finding and choosing sustainable solutions. New ideas are always welcome and Dorte is continually working on something new and exciting.

Annette Stefansen


as@baeredygtigherning.dk +45 2981 1253
Annette keeps things structured and organized and has primary responsibility for our One-Drive, SharePoint admin, and similar procedures. She’s the person on the other end of the line when you write to our info-mail or call our main number. And if you ask her something she doesn’t know, she’s sure to find the answer.. You’ll surely notice and appreciate her patient, friendly style, which makes her a great teammate and colleague.

Inga Østergaard


io@baeredygtigherning.dk +45 2981 1945
Accounting, vacation and holidays, credits and debits…it’s all part of Inga’s daily work as a bookkeeper and administrative assistant. She’s the team’s elder statesperson and a proud grandmother. Inga’s experience means she can both do her job and keep things “hyggeligt” and calm – often with homemade cakes and intricate, creative crafts she forms out of member’s leftover materials. One of her latest creations was a pair of Danish nisse elves made from Dansk Wilton’s beautiful yarn that later found a permanent home in Seattle.